Welcome to PrismaticOpus~

After much thought, PrismaticOPus is what I've decided to call my work as a whole.

I'm not an author, nor artist; I'm a person that happens to have creativity that's overflowing from within.

My name is Rosario.

Welcome to what I like to call my own personal PrismaticOpus.

Every piece of fiction, all characters, products, story concepts and ideas along with any hand-drawn art on this website is copyright and trademark (c)Rosario, 2006-2011.  Use without proof and expressed permission is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.


Some content on this site may not be appropriate for minors.


LGBTQA-friendly Themes

Sexual Situations

Genderqueer Representations

...And More.

While there's nothing explicit on this website...

If you are NOT okay with any of this...



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