What I Do...(...and why I do it.)

There are so many things to list here I don't know where to start.

I draw, sew, craft, write, create cosplays and so much more. My imagination bursts with creativity on an hourly basis.

My stories are a main focus because writing is something I would enjoy doing as a career. I write stories and create diverse characters that represent every color of the spectrum; Characters that allow every person reading-experiencing-their personal lives to find one they relate to, and hold them as close as they would a personal friend.

The biggest work in my PrismaticOpus is [hell]BENT!. 

[hell]BENT! is something I've worked on for over 5 years, and remains a work in progress. A story about a gay drag queen; You follow Satoshi in his search for true love, chaperoned by none other than the Archangel that-literally-saved his life.

My partner and I are also working on a story that has much to do with the Gods and Goddesses that lie within the Light and Dark Realms of Gaia, respectively. This story is extremely large, however, and with respect toward it's production, I've decided to hold off on publishing it's contents on this site...for now.

...I also have many other stories in the works. For now, [hell]BENT! has been placed on hold, but one day I look forward to introducing it's contents to the world! Slowly, but surely, it's being written, and in time-Universe willing-I'll be published and my work will pay off with enough support and drive.

I write because my characters won't let me stop. My characters are created spontaneously-whether they spawn from a picture or a mere thought-then begin to bust my brain to have their stories shared with someone else that's willing to listen.

I love it.

My characters are like my children. I only give them situations; Their reactions are not mine whatsoever. I watch them move with my fingertips as their shoes, and hope they make the right choices to keep themselves alive and well.

As far as my other works go, such as my handmade items, that happens whenever (typically) an anime/video game convention is coming up, or whenever I have the free time on my hands to do so.

I simply love doing artsy things-certainly not because I think I'm good at them-because creating is a very large passion!


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