...Gaia, and how it works.

 ...At least, what I've figured out, so far.

Here is my theory on my fictional planet, Gaia, where all of my stories take place:

The reason for Dawn is because of it's closeness to the Realm of Light, which holds it's empire close to the Sun.

The reason for Dusk is because of it's closeness to the Realm of Darkness, which holds it's empire close to the Moon.

The lighter/darker it becomes on one side or the other on Gaia represents how close/far they are to the Sun/Realm of Light and the Moon/Realm of Darkness, respectively.

As you can see, Tartarus is in direct alignment with the Moon. At 12:00 AM-Midnight-whichever side of Gaia is in particular alignment with the Moon is, in turn, closest to Tartarus.

This is what some Gaians might call their Astrology.

Within the deepest core of Gaia, unreachable by all of mankind, holds the depths of Hell.

The Gods and Goddesses that lie within the Realm of Light and Realm of Darkness respectively are, as they would record, their Religion.

Some Gaians believe in Gods and Goddesses...Some believe in God and the Angels. Others don't believe anything at all.

However, there is a truth for Gaia. Despite all personal belief and denial, the reality of Gaia: Each Realm and respective Gods and Goddesses coexist within their respective Realms.

For example, God Himself resides within the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Northernmost point within the Realm of Light. No one is seen going inside, no one is seen going out. The particular location of the Kingdom means nothing in aspect of importance, for all Gods are loved equally, and most, by their respective religious followers.

It's worth mentioning that Gods themselves do not have races; They only have specific races and religions that worship them.

For example, Ainokami, the Japanese God of Passionate Love and Sex, is only typically worshipped by Japanese Gaians; He, himself, is the son of Eros, the Greek God of Sexual Love and Beauty with Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Another thing worth mentioning; Tartarus is only a place the worst of the worst are sent; A punishment only deemed worthy by the wisest of Gods. Hell isn't nearly as bad as Tartarus; Hell is, at least, inhabitable.

It's said that at Midnight, the worst souls are sent to the Judgement Gates of Tartarus to be deemed worthy of the paradise that would be-as Gaians call it-"Hell below".

On a lighter note, it's said that souls of the just, at Dawn, are sent to the Realm of Light's entry bridge. They will be met and deemed a guided entrance.


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