In modern-day Japan, a young man-after a long adolescence filled with sex, drugs and self-abuse-finds himself on a road to redemption. With the help of an Archangel from Heaven with a rebellious attitude, Satoshi is shoved every step of the way on a road to self-discovery, appreciation, and respect with the goal of true love in mind. Between the tumultuous Satoshi and the sometimes hypocritical Remiel, the two may discover that what they need may be before their very eyes.

While attending a party, Satoshi Watanabe was unexpectedly drugged by his boyfriend Yukio, and raped numerous times over...Dumped on the streets, beaten, battered, and broken, Satoshi wanders weakly, only to be hit by a car. Remiel, the deliverer of souls, God's mercy and compassion, takes pity on Satoshi and instead of delivering his soul as his job permits, he reunites his soul to his body. While Satoshi's soul is bonding back to his body, Remiel receives a message from God-it's delivery sent through an angelic puppy, of course-which, when translated from the ancient Holy language, says:

He broke it, you fixed it, so you're stuck with it.

By order of the Kingdom of Heaven

ruled by God, the eternal and omnipresent:

The soul of Satoshi Watanabe

mortal human child of Keitaro Watanabe and Ayumi Takamura-Watanabe

residing on the planet Gaia under ruling of Gaia Herself

will be forever bound before the Fates to

the soul of Remiel

the archangel of lowest rank within true residence of the Kingdom of Heaven

ruled by God, the eternal and omnipresent

This contract may not be modified, supplemented, amended, or terminated.

Authorized by God, the eternal and omnipresent.



Archangel of the third rank within true residence of the Kingdom of Heaven,

ruled by God, the eternal and omnipresent

Hesitantly, Remiel buckles Satoshi down on the road to recovery. He has to overcome the struggles that come with recovery and sobriety, and with the help of his closest friends-the young, vibrant Ichigo, and the kind, mature Hotaru-it's proof that Satoshi has quite a support system.

After that, however, he still has to sate his heart and settle down.

To pursue this journey, Satoshi begins to date around. With Remiel at close reach, what could go wrong, right? In doing so, these dates also happen to be prerequisites to the 9 rings of Hell below! Will Satoshi manage to overcome all of his sins, represented within these 9 dates? Can he somehow understand that love is not about money, lust, power or indifference; but about bonds of the heart, and willpower of the soul?

Can he somehow understand that...before it's too late?

In the meantime, Remiel is gaining doubts while helping Satoshi lose his. Struggling with his own religion, the archangel Remiel feels Satoshi breaking his stoic barrier, composed of strict rule and emotionless compassion. Remiel begins to want to truly delve into the human condition, the only thing he doesn't know, and isn’t allowed to know...and what’s scarier; what happens when he does begin to actually feel? How can he cope, and will he ever confess his growing feelings for Satoshi?

Can Satoshi manage to stay sober, and if he does,

will he ever find true love?

Will Remiel ever admit his feelings? If he does...is there a fate worse than falling, a pain he’s already experienced once before?

Remiel may be Heaven sent...

but Satoshi sure is [hell]BENT!

Satoshi and Remiel...[hell]BENT!

I've arranged a playlist according to songs I've found suitable for [hell]BENT!.

They've helped me immerse myself further into the world, and maybe they'll do the same for you.


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