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...For: Fan mail, questions for me/any of my characters, constructive reviews/critiques, story line requests/ideas, special character art requests, all/any of the above and more things related are all welcome! 

^-^ I appreciate all of my fans, and welcome anything they have to ask or offer! All you has to do is ask! <3

...NOT For: Hate mail, flaming, wars, religious debates, condescending "not how that works" finger pointing, "this is fiction but I'm gonna argue with you because it somehow interferes with my breathing" arguments-because if you don't like something on this site, I gave you fair warning on the main page. 

While I'm open for constructive criticism, I will NOT tolerate any kind of hatred or speculation on how my story SHOULD be. I know exactly how my story should be, that's why I'm writing it. I have my own appointed help, and I'll seek it should I need anything. Thank you! <3



AIM: oJenovasWitnesso

...I look forward to hearing from you! ^-^v

If you'd like to affiliate, PLEASE let me know, I'd be happy to!

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