The Characters of [hell]BENT!

Determine who's who!

Who's Heaven sent?

...Who's [hell]BENT!?


Satoshi Watanabe, our main hero (heroine?) is...not very heroic at all. At the beginning of our story-his death-he's a drug addict, a harlot and a greedy 19 year old that was abandoned by his parents; He prefers to live life fast and fabulously. After his death, however, he realizes that actually living with the consequences of his past actions aren't so fabulous, and forgetting it won't be so fast, for that matter.


Ichigo Kawasaki is Satoshi's 15 year old friend. Bubbly and full of life, Ichigo was previously naive to Satoshi's wild life, but now that it's all out in the open, Ichigo sees Satoshi as a fallen idol, and roots for his well-being from the sidelines. After all, living in the broken Kawasaki home, a Harajuku boy needs someone to look up to... 

Did you know that the cause of so many stray dogs on Gaia are the result of God's messages sent and ignored, or thrown away? Tamotsu, Tamo-chan, or Tsu-Tsu, is one such Shiba Inu. Remiel received the quiet baby messenger in his arms, and upon reading his contract, allowed the small pup to follow him to Satoshi's home. Since then, Tamotsu knows Remiel and Satoshi as her parents, and is extremely protective as a result. Tamotsu has become a warrior in her own, and wards away evil spirits and negative energy with-as Satoshi calls it-her powerful Inuvibes.


The Archangel Remiel is Satoshi's savior. When Satoshi dies, by some God-given tug of mercy and compassion, he decides to take pity on the boy and shove his soul back into his body. Having seen Satoshi's past rush at him through his fingertips, he soon realizes he's made the right decision, no matter how annoying of a ride it's going to be. He helps Satoshi through his withdrawals as well as the process of filtering lovers to partner with Satoshi for life.


Hotaru Oono is the honest and kind 23 year old that, after a lecture from Remiel, feels guilty for choosing ignorance over confrontation over Satoshi's drug abuse. Although he feels deeply for Satoshi, his love for a certain 15 year old Harajuku boy can't be surpassed...Hotaru is a host at night for Sukina Okashi, the crew's local hangout.


[He's very busy, and they don't allow cameras inside of the Host club...] 


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